We do MORE to sell your home!

Here are some key features and benefits to working with Downtown Realty!

  • Choosing Downtown Realty as your Listing Broker will give you peace of mind, as our track record shows that we:
    • Sold more homes in Detroit than any other brokerage in 2017
    • Consistently value homes accurately
    • Sell homes for at or near asking price
    • Sell homes faster than competing listings
    • Sell portfolios of rentals, from 1 to 100+ homes
    • Provide consultation, strategies, and support
  • Premium, paid syndication on over 900 different websites and phone apps, including major sites like Zillow and the MLS.
  • Our listings are translated into Mandarin and other languages for dozens of international real estate portals.
  • We can provide pre-listing repair recommendations with quotes and financing options if needed
  • We also do off-market networking, Facebook group marketing, investor email notifications, and other listing socializers.
  • In-house agent network with over 50 Detroit Realtors who have exclusive buyers in metro Detroit and in-house incentives.

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